Matrix Solutions had gained an upper hand in the media sales market through its ability to use historical data, roll up accounts and report on trends over time. But, as competitors entered the market and media sales now included web properties, mobile apps and events, its technology platform and old ways of thinking were limiting the ability to move quickly.
Matrix needed a cloud-based platform that now would include social collaboration, the ability to roll up accounts to local regional and national views and provide value so that account executives would want to maintain account information to keep it fresh for management views.
Interviews with media managers, developing an understanding of the media sales information space and analyzing the current  application helped us find opportunities, empathize with key users and identify high-value scenarios and outcomes for the work.
Detailed design work took whiteboard sketches and wireframes to higher fidelity. The design and the visual style of the product were so different than its predecessor that this design work influenced a brand refresh and redesign of the website.
This video—created to help Matrix communicate with regional and national media outlets—showcases the need in the market and key aspects of the solution that we created.

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