Treating even mild skin disorders often requires a visit to a dermatologist. But, people with non-emergencies typically wait six to eight weeks for an appointment. The Iagnosis team saw an opportunity to use asynchronous collaboration to remove the complexity of scheduling and leverage a distributed network of dermatologists to match supply and demand to reduce wait times.
We defined this new service from initial awareness to engagement and ultimately treatment and follow-up. Our work produced flows, interactions and detailed prototypes and screen mockups as the core assets to move the team forward. We also conducted qualitative in-person user testing with dermatologists and potential patients. Deliverables were used to develop relationships with dermatologists, find funding and support discussions with health care payors.
Iagnosis now enables you to see a board-certified U.S. dermatologist 24/7 through its website or app. Customers can review dermatologists’ profiles, provide information and pictures about their conditions and get help. All cases are completed within three business days.
Check out the “Dermatologist on Call” app in the App Store and Play Store
Information architecture diagrams, interaction flows and lightweight user testing helped the team define and refine a new way to deliver care.
Diagrams of the flow of interactions were created to define both the patient and provider experiences. These diagrams helped to tell the story of this new idea to potential patients, payors and providers.

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